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Color Wheel

Color Wheel is an organization that connects community and environment by exploring the history, science, and art of natural color making.

We currently have a dye garden located at POST in Detroit. We are growing Japanese Indigo, Woad, Dyer's Chamomile, Cosmos, Red Foliated Cotton and several types of sunflowers.

Stay tuned for more information on the newly founded Great Lakes Fibershed!
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Color Wheel

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Michelle McCoskey

Michelle McCoskey is a freelance illustrator and textile designer who also runs her own knit accessory business, The Alligator Factory. Shortly after graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2005, she apprenticed on an organic farm in Maine where she was first introduced to natural dyes. Intrigued by the ability to marry her passions for art and environmental conservation, she continues to research and experiment with locally foraged dye plants for use in her knit designs.

Amanda Cinco-Hoyt

Amanda considers herself an urban forager; Intrigued by ancient cultures, life cycles,and modern reorganization, she takes inspiration from her surroundings, including native plants and discarded objects, both of which offer color and pattern to the fabrics she creates.  Amanda operates a working fibers studio, fresh cut TEXTILES, specializing in small batch, 100 % naturally dyed textiles, as the season offers. Freshcutextiles.org

Lauren Mathieson

Lauren Mathieson is a Visual and UX Designer who is passionate about weaving and plant-based textile dyeing.  She earned her BFA from Wayne State University in 2010 with a concentration in fibers. Lauren currently owns a small business, Moonbeam Industries and is available for freelance work, LaurenMathieson.com
where We Are

Barham Greenway Project

Color wheel is partnering with U-SNAP-BAC for our third annual dye garden located in Detroit's east side. The organization is teaming up with several local growers to transform blighted, vacant lots into productive, green spaces. Creating these spaces in the neighborhood will provide economic, environmental and social benefits to the surrounding community.

Check our facebook or send us a message to get involved.
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September 15th at POST for a Fresh Leaf Indigo Workshop

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